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Serah Terima Siswa Kelas XII “PRAKERIN” ke Dunia Industri (IV)

Hai Rakan Industri!🙏🏻😊 ================ (Bagian 4) Serba-serbi para guru mengantar dan mendampingi siswa kelas XII TP 2022/2023 ke Dunia Industri dalam rangka mengikuti Praktik Kerja Industri (Prakerin) hingga akhir semester ganjil TP 2022/2023, 1. BSPJI Banda Aceh pada hari Kamis, 1 September 2022 oleh Ibu Nurlely Burhan; 2. Minyeuk Pret pada hari Kamis, 1 September [...]

Pengenalan Lingkungan Sekolah (PLS) SMK SMTI Banda Aceh T.P 2022/2023

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.. Sehubungan dengan Kegiatan Pengenalan Lingkungan Sekolah (PLS) bagi siswa baru SMK SMTI Banda Aceh T.P 2022/2023 mulai dari hari Senin s.d Jumat Tanggal 18 s.d 22 Juli 2022, dan pertemuan Orang Tua /Wali Siswa dengan pihak sekolah pada hari selasa Tanggal 26 Juli 2022, untuk itu kami harap kepada para siswa/orang tua/wali [...]
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Pentingnya BK di Sekolah, Khususnya SMK SMTI Banda Aceh (Part 1)

Hai Rakan Industri Kali ini, kita akan berbincang-bincang tentang Pentingnya Bimbingan dan Konseling di Sekolah, khususnya SMK SMTI Banda Aceh. Namun, sebelum kita berbicara lebih jauh, kita harus tahu apakah yang dimaksud dengan BK terlebih dahulu. Bimbingan dan konseling (BK) adalah salah satu komponen dari pendidikan sekaligus kegiatan bantuan dan tuntunan yang diberikan kepada siswa [...]

What Relationship Recommendations Is Right For You?

There are many people on this planet who are searching for the best relationship advice to help them improve their relationships with their companions. The best romantic relationship information can come by a variety of sources such as friends, family members, colleagues, professionals and other individuals who have been in long term relationships. Most people […]


Internet dating Success Stories – How to Be successful With Internet dating

Online dating success rates can vary nevertheless they aren’t extremely good. This really is mainly because of incorrect application, self-sabotaging, swiping excessively, devoid of realistic expectations, certainly not understanding the people in your target market, lying upon personal dating profiles, lack of happiness, blushes or even lies about being solitary. As you read below, much […]


How you can Meet Chinese language Women Online, Women Who Speak Chinese And English

So you are one of those people who prefer to meet Chinese language women. You might have heard that population of China is increasing, so the volume of foreign guys is also elevating. The Internet has made this process a lot easier. There are many free online dating sites where men can easily meet Chinese […]


Dating Conversation Beginner Questions That may Definitely Make an impression a New Person

Online Dating Conversation Tips It is necessary for online dating services to be easy going. This is not the location to become extremely intimate or perhaps make you experience guilty about wanting to meet you or have light interactions. Instead, you need to be playful, develop tension and move details along quickly. Too many women […]


How you can Meet Women of all ages – 2 Methods of Learning How to Meet Ladies Online

The fine art getting a visa for thailand wife to america showing how to meet ladies is some thing almost every man dreams of having, nevertheless very few have the confidence to actually master the techniques must be successful at it. Learning to meet young ladies can sometimes be a frustrating experience. This article will […]